A brief political history of the Iranian Fedayian Communist League

The I.F.C.L organization is one the offshoots of “ Iranian people’s Fedai guerrillas”. The “ Iranian people’s Fedai guerrillas” was formed in 1971 and started its armed struggle against the corrupted regime of Shah. Its polital existence began with the saga of “Siahkal” where is located in northern Iran. The organization of “Iranian people’s Fedai guerrillas” was the most influential Marxist-Leninist group before and especially during the revolution of 1979.

After the defeat of the people’s revolution by Islamic Regime took place, the beginning of a new wave of bloodshed against Marxists and freedom fighters started. The communist “Fedai”s along with other various segments of the society like: workers, peasants, women and other social groups that realized their class interest were in conflict with the new oppressive ruling regime, insisted to continue the people revolution. They called for the establishment of freedom and democracy, and participated in mobilizing and organizing the revolutionary masses. Since the ruling of the Islamic Regime, despite the struggles of working class and the resistance of women and oppressed nations, there is no political freedom or civil rights, no any right to organize or protest, and no free speech or publication. Any objection to the status quo is faced with repression, imprisonment and torture. Gender discrimination, national oppression, and denying the workers and other deprived segments of the population of any rights, still remain in force to this day.

In such circumstances, the organization of “Iranian Fedayian Communist League” has been able to organize its underground committees within Tehran, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan Organization and also by publishing various publications, statements, and leaflets for political freedoms and the development of democracy and civility has remained its fight against a savage regime. Surely this struggle will continue until the freedom has been achieved.

Currently, 6 different revolutionary party, organization and group in Iran are collaborating to expand the revolutionary front, and we are proud to be one of the participants and a major part of the initiative which made this union a reality.

نظرات بسته شده است.

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